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June 15th, 2014

Trimmings, two-tone and giving soft furnishings the edge!

Mention “trimmings” and many people will look at you in horror, remembering the 1980s and over-elaborate furnishings, swags/tails and tassles. Since then many companies have spotted gaps in the market for producing trims that have a design edge, which means that those who would not normally consider trimmings or tassles because of their “stuffy and traditional” image are attracted by this contemporary twist.

Here are some of my favourite suppliers of contemporary and traditional trims…

Trimmings and tassels etc

“Two-tone” is also enjoying a renaissance and adding a trim or contrast fabric as a leading edge is a great way of making largely plain curtains or blinds more interesting or tying in other colours of the room. Here are some examples of how they can be used to literally transform otherwise plain curtains/blinds/cushions and whatever else you wish to apply them to!

Trimmings and tassels etc2

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