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December 11th, 2013

Why I sometimes like sourcing outside London… “Lewes” in Sussex

One occupational hazard for me is always being on the look-out for interesting places to source items for the home! Whilst it is difficult to rival many parts of London for choice, it’s sometimes good to head further afield, particularly if you are looking for something slightly more unusual.

Last month I wrote about a recent visit to the studio and home of the artist Jessica Zoob in Lewes, Sussex (see While I was there I couldn’t help noticing the array of interesting shops along the High Street in Lewes as I drove by and decided to investigate before heading back to Surrey.  I found a great selection of independent interiors shops, many with items at very sensible and non-London prices. There is a good balance between retailers selling more contemporary items and those with a more vintage/country focus. As you head towards the bottom of the high street you are spoiled for choice with antique shops, some better than others, but all worth a good look.  Combine that with a great view of the Sussex countryside from the High Street and it makes both a great alternative to London and a good day out.  Here are the images I took in Lewes, which give you the idea!

High Street, Lewes, Sussex

antique shops in Lewes, Sussex

indpendent  interiors store in Lewes, Sussex

Bookshop in Lewes, Sussex

High Street, Lewes, Sussex

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